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I would first take her out for some rigorous exercise, just to burn off some energy. Next, I would probably sit down at the table and have a bite to eat (some chips, a piece of bread, banana etc), while making sure she doesn't whine or beg. This shows that you are the pack leader, and you will share (feed) after you are done with your meal. Then I would prepare her meal barehanded and proceed to the location you usually feed her. Once there, make sure you have control of the space. A good initial step to doing that would be to issue a command for her to follow before placing the food down, like sit (and wait). Then put the food down and release her from the sit/wait command (I use 'okay').

I think you are doing the smart thing by consulting with a professional, but the above tips should help to some degree.

Best of luck and keep us up to date. :)
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