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Hi all

Floyd is at the vets today to get castrated. I felt awful taking him, but i know it is the sensible thing to do. The thing is, every time i go to the vets i end up feeling like i'm a bad 'mother'.

When i took him in today at 8.30am he practically pulled me off my feet trying to run round the waiting room, jumped up on a passing child, pinning her against the reception desk, barked his head off when seeing another dog and generally wouldn't dop what he was told. The vet nurse then proceeded to tell me he is overweight (almost 8 months 30 kgs - alittle on the heavy side). She asked whether he got much exercise (of course, 3 times a day, at least one decent off lead run). She then commented that he wasn't like other vizslas as he was so bouncy (from what i know and have read on here i thought this was the norm until maturity?).

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on how to control him and get him to listen once he gets into that excited mind frame. He is great with commands when he is with my husband and I - and when there are treats involved - but the minute he see's people and other dogs he won't listen to a thing.

Also, i know i have posted about this before but i am really wondering whether it would be benificial to get some one to one training. Has anyone else tried this, and would you recommend it?

Many thanks
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