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The old clothes worked great. He’d chew a hole in it, and then I would take it to the basement to run it through the sewing machine.He’d wait at the top of the stairs for me to finish, and be jazzed to get a “ new toy”.
He’s older now, and not so hard on his toys, and the Kong Wubba’s have lasted a long time. He has yet to destroy one.
He still has his toy box full of old pant legs, and still plays with them. The Wubba’s are his favorites though.
I think some Wubba’s would work well for a puppy.
Poppy (16 months) JUST destroyed her first Wubba that she got as a puppy. She had a ton of fun with it while it lasted though. She liked most of the Kong brand toys - particularly from the puppy line.
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