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Our 10 week old V has been nothing short of a joy. However, like so many other V owners, when the sharkies hit our patience can be tested. We have a plethora of toys to try to keep him entertained but he seems to get bored of them quickly. Probably his favorite thing to chew on thus far are sticks that he finds in the yard, but we get concerned that he’ll end up swallowing a big chunk. What are/were some of your favorite chew toys for your pup? Are there any appropriate edible bones for a 10 week old?
For our boy Rafa his favourite chew as a puppy were tennis balls and then when a little larger the Kong classic Large chew with dog biscuits in, has been a daily favourite and unbelievably has

withstood both
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the sharkies and 4 years of chewing. No other chew toy has lasted longer than a few weeks at best.
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