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My opinion is that you should be his handler and trainer. Seek help when you feel confused, but you should be his partner.
The relationship between an owner/ handler/trainer and a Vizsla in the field becomes almost telepathic after a season a two. It's not a feeling I would ever want to miss out on, or let someone else enjoy. I realize that is selfish maybe, but we as owners pay a lot of $$$ for a Vizlsa. It's an experience that really should be ours. You can hire the women you met to train both you and Kian. Just be clear and honest upfront with her,that you want to be an integral part of the training.
The one advantage you have right now training him yourself is that you have no bad habits yet and will be more inclined to follow through with a program without attempting shortcuts.Somehting to consider.

From what you described Kian finally "found his job".From here it becomes a matter of getting him on birds. Working him at the whoa, and steady him to wing and shot.
One word of advice, and possibly an admonishment, is to not let Kian flush the birds as a general rule. The reason for this is that Kian is a pointer. He should point, you should flush, and then he should mark the retrieve to be sent to fetch. This keeps Kian behind the shotgun muzzle and gives him a clearer picture of the shot and drop. In the case of a running bird,and a dog as fast as a Vizsla is, there is the potential for Kian to get shot if an inexperienced gunner is in the group. You may never own or fire a shotgun, but that doesn't mean Kian can't hunt for friends or family, being handled by you. You'll get real popular. Trust me! ;)

There is a wealth of information out there to train your dog to hunt with you. Dozens upon dozens of books and videos. There has to be at least a hundred You Tube videos available.

Training Kian can actually be done on some fairly small property. If you have a good sized backyard that would be perfect for starting him out. It's a little late now, but start researching where to obtain Quail or Chukar in your area. Quail are usually inexpensive and can be purchased as day olds for < $1.00 each in quanity, and you'll want at least one hundred of them. Brood them yourself and build a large "Johnny House". With this setup you can flush a bunch of them out of the Johnny House, Kian can work them, and the ones left in the Johnny house will call back the ones you flushed out.

Ask away your questions, and I'll try to give you some various methods to try.
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