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Experiencing Quality Issues with Freeze-Dried Blueberries: Need Advice!

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Hello everyone,
I recently purchased a pack of freeze-dried blueberries from a popular brand, and I was quite excited to try them out. However, I've been facing some issues with the product, and I was wondering if anyone else has encountered similar problems or has any insights to share.
Here are the problems I've noticed:
  1. Loss of Flavor: The freeze-dried blueberries seem to lack the intense flavor I was expecting. They taste somewhat bland and not as sweet as I anticipated. I was hoping for a burst of natural blueberry goodness, but it's just not there. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. Texture Trouble: The texture of these freeze-dried blueberries is another concern. Instead of being light and crispy, some of them are chewy and have a slightly rubbery texture. It's not very pleasant to eat, and I'm worried about the quality of the product. Have any of you encountered this issue?
  3. Poor Packaging: Lastly, I noticed that the packaging of the freeze-dried blueberries didn't seem as airtight as it should be. The resealable bag doesn't seem to seal properly, and I'm worried that it might be affecting the overall freshness and quality of the blueberries. Has anyone else faced issues with the packaging?
I'm a huge fan of freeze-dried fruits, and I've had positive experiences with other brands in the past. However, this particular batch of freeze-dried blueberries has left me disappointed. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter. Are these common problems with freeze-dried blueberries, or did I just happen to get a faulty batch?
Also, if you have any recommendations for trusted brands or alternative methods of preserving blueberries, I'd be grateful to know. I'm open to suggestions and eager to enjoy the true essence of freeze-dried blueberries!
Thank you in advance for your valuable input!
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Not sure you realized the is a Vizsla (dog) forum. My husband and dogs eat fresh blueberries all the time.
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