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This is a shameless brag post.

Ever since we brought our 8 month old home our 2 year old V has been incredible. He was by my side through so many ups and down and even though we had a rough beginning (baby was a screamer) he never showed any annoyance or aggression.

When she had a meltdown, he would bring her toys. It didn’t work, of course. Newborns don’t do toys. And his dad didn’t like it when he got too excited around her. So over time he stayed close but didn’t solicit interaction with the baby. But still, he protected her. There was a dog in the neighborhood that was HUGE and he was scared of her. But yet when the dog came up to sniff the stroller, he put himself between the dog and the baby. Firm, but not aggressive.

As she grew she began to notice him, but he was still keeping his distance. He would leave if she got unruly. They didn’t know how to interact and she was a bit unpredictable. She tried all kinds of methods to entice him, but finally settled on waving French fries in his face. That worked very well. Offering him her water bottle worked less well. at around 7 months I noticed more mutual interest. She became obsessed by watching us play fetch.

And today, at 8 months and 9 days old, she threw the ball for him. They played again and again and again all without my input. I supervised, but wasn’t a part of the game. I’m so proud of my boy and so overjoyed. When my baby was born, I was careful not to put too high of an expectation on a dog but I cannot believe how good he’s been with her. Our family is so so blessed to have him.


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