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Good luck with your new pup,

1) Any crate will do, generally I prefer a smaller crate for the car and house, as they are easier to move around. This will depend on how large the parents of your vizsla are, as we generally have smaller V's.

3) Either works well, I prefer a retractable leash for walking the dog. Leather looks nicer, but does not generally hold up as well as nylon and is more expensive.

4) I prefer large (width) collars, as it is easier to handle the dog, and they spread out the pressure from pulling. Dogs unlimted has some great choices, for collars, they even will put a customized name plate on collar for you. Generally we put

Reward for Return
Reward for Return

V's are expensive dogs and have been known to be stolen...

5) Pinch collars are fine, we prefer to use a leather pinch from Lion County Supply or Dogs Unlimted. We have used both, either will work.

6) We feed Eagle, any food that is an 20/30 mix will be good. We recommend always buying a super-premium as the dog will eat less (becuase they are have higher density fat and protein) and then will also poop less.

7) We prefer metal, easier to clean.

8) American made rawhides are great, Kongs are also ok. Young V's chew quite a bit, remember to exercise them often.
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