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Drug side effect

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We had to take Ruby to the ER on Sunday while we are down here in SC. She had been at daycare and started limping and not wanting to put pressure on her front leg. It was her third digit - did an X-ray- luckily not broken. Probably a sprain or soft tissue injury from all the playing. Anyway, she was given an injection of Buprenorphine for pain. We almost said no because Samantha, our first Vizsla, had been given this before and reacted horribly! Moaning, disoriented, just very disturbing behavior. So, Ruby started having some of the behaviors- not nearly as bad as Samantha- but of course Ruby is a puppy and Samantha was much older. I’m wondering if this is a Vizsla issue? Maybe any narcotic would illicit these side effects. Has anyone experienced this with their dogs?
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Was Ruby sedated for the X-ray? Only asking because sedation can have the same effect on some dogs.
No, this was just an injection for the pain. It’s worn off and she’s back to her normal self. Just thought it was odd that both of my vizslas acted bizarre.
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Not surprised at side effects, one of them being "agitation" for Buprenorphine. In my opinion it is a poor choice and one chosen due to its lower regulatory status versus proper opiod post-op pain medication. A proper opiod would have had your dog sleeping/dozing pain free and comfy and there is no reason not to use it other than vets and human doctors being scrutinized heavily by the DEA over the current opioid epidemic. Meanwhile the real reason for it is illicit Chinese sourced fetanyl being brough over the southern border.
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