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We have a 2 yr old viszla who is a total dream, well behaved, able to be left on her own in the car or at home while we are out at work. She is affectionate, fun to be with etc etc. and we actually laugh at how gentle she is with everyone and dog she meets. The most dangerous bit of her is her tail which never stops wagging.

Occaisionally work takes us away for a week or so and she goes,with our kids to my parents and their two GSPs who she adores.

While there this last time, she became full of mischief, a thief and chewed all she stole , she was agressive when on the lead with the two pointers, towards other dogs, and barked at people.

The visit coincided with the end of her first season and we are confused as to whether this was an adolescent blip or an anxiety problem and if anxiety what do we do?
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