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Hello. I am new to this forum but extremely glad I found it. Looks like I will be keeping myself busy reading the previous posts.

Our puppy is four and a half months old. She seems to be exhibiting alot of the traits mentioned by other people eg biting, problems coming back if she sees a dog or person she wants to make firends with etc. I am pleased to see that these things are likely to change with age.

What does concern me is that she is very scared of everday things like cars, bicycles etc. I can't even distract her, she gets so nervous she physically shakes with fear. I keep her walking if she is on the lead and don't make a big deal of it but some bikes passed us in the park last night and she dived into the undergrowth. I am concerned that something will scare her and she will run off in a blind panic.

I would be really grateful if anyone can offer some advice on how to help her. I don't know, maybe this will be something else that she will grow out of - hopefully.

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