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I recently picked up my pup Cooper who is now 10 weeks old. This forum has been so helpful to me, i’ve been reading about everybody’s different experience and it’s given me some peace of mind knowing that i’m not the only one who’s dealing with all the antics of a crazy young Vizsla pup!

He’s a great little guy and just wants to play with everyone, he’s currently living in a house with 2 adult female dogs and 2 cats and the only one who let’s him get close is the male cat, Marty. I’m pretty sure Marty was a dog in a past life though.

Training is going well, he has the attention span of a walnut and so many distractions in the house but when i do have his attention he loves to listen and be a good boy. I’m wondering what age they start being less distracted?

Cooper and I will eventually leave where we currently are and go live somewhere with no other animals. I’m not sure how he’ll deal with that change but I’m already considering bringing a female pup into the house once he’s 1-3 years of age!

It’a sad watching him try and play with the older dogs and constantly get told off. I’m hoping to introduce him to a puppy soon so be can jump around like the little spring chicken he is and have someone to jump around with!

If you’re from the North West in the UK and fancy meeting up with me and Cooper for a play date, get in touch!

Thanks :)



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