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I’ve lived with six boxers over the years and love the breed. However, the last two died last year - both from cancer within 6 months of each other which was heart breaking. I took a break and reconsidering the breed.

I was interested in the Vizsla but I’m not certain what I’m getting myself into and wanted to reach out to the forum to be educated.

What I like about the Vizsla is that they sound a lot like boxers but are longer lived (big plus), smaller (nice) but are likely much higher on the energy scale which will be fun assuming they don’t get neurotic or destructive.

I‘m trying to compare my experience with Boxers to what I should expect with Vizsla to see if this is a good fit.

My experience with boxers was that they had high energy but it was manageable. They were extremely playful/goofy which the entire family loved. The dogs LOVED my 2 and 6 year old kids. They where an integral part of the family travelling frequently with us. Things worked well even though both my wife and I worked I think because we lived in a warm weather state where the dogs could spend long days in the back yard where they had each other to keep company and the kids and I would play/keep them busy when we where home. We also had an awesome doggy daycare for when we travelled for a week or two once a year.

The Vizsla sound like they might be ideal breed as they share a lot of traits with Boxers except they are on an entire different energy scale than boxers.

Things I’m considering changing if we where to get a Vizsla:
1) I’m thinking of getting one vs two dogs now that I have a bigger family to keep the dog entertained and engaged.
2) My wife is working from home so there will be someone around during the day and my wife loves the ideal of a Velcro dog.
3) My family just moved to North Carolina which is colder so we can’t plan on leave the dogs in a .5 acre back yard during the day. However, I’m thinking of adding a doggy door so that the dog can let itself out to run around. The back yard is adjacent to a large watershed that can’t be built on so though our yard is small, their is an additional 15-20 acres of wooded land with a meandering stream to walk the dog in.
4) Additionally, the home came with an electrically fenced backyard. I may not need to fence the yard but I‘m not 100% convinced yet. The electric fence seems to work for my neighbors dogs but I’m curious what other folks experienced has been with electric fences.
5) My new job is demanding ... there will be times I won’t be able to walk the dog which is a big concern for me. My wife could not walk our boxers as they where too powerful for her when something goes wrong. She might be able to walk a single Vizsla but it’s not a sure thing in my mind.

What are folks thoughts? Does the situation sound workable for a Vizsla given their high energy needs? My family and I had a boxer that would follow me everywhere, lean against me when I stopped moving or would sit on my foot to keep track of me and I know I‘m ok with that. Training is a given. I’m intrigued but not certain about the sport dog / obstacle course training though I don’t hunt. I‘m comfortable that things would work with a boxer in our new situation but the Vizsla energy stories have me worried.
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