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Hi. Our Isla is 10 weeks old today 馃巶 and weighs 9.5lbs/4.3kg. The breeder said she was on the smaller side to her siblings. Mum was at the lower end of the spectrum for female adult. And Dad was massive! The dry food brand we are currently giving her suggests approx 95g per day for a puppy her age/size. Of course this is not specific to the breed and I'm not convinced it's enough for a puppy like her, full of energy. We are topping this up with some treats for training and some carrot/strawberries etc. But not that it seems to satiate her appetite. See photo from today (tucking into a natural yoghurt ice cube). That's a lot of rib cage on show.

Any advice and guidance please.

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I just feed them as much as they decide to eat at that age. I offer them food multiple times a day. If they eat it all, I add more. If not, I pick it up, and offer it to them later. I鈥檓 still doing this for my just turned 6 month old puppy. The only difference with mine, as this age she now eats 2x a day, with a mid day snack. When younger I put the food out 3-4 times a day.

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She is slightly small, but that鈥檚 not bad.
Yes, her ribs are showing, but with that body position I would expect her ribs to be showing.
Her vertebrae are not visible, and I don鈥檛 see any 鈥渟hark fin鈥 shoulder or hip bones. Her rump is slightly planer, but not dished. In other words, no 鈥渄istinct poverty lines鈥.
The Vizsla is not supposed to be a heavier bodied dog. They are supposed to be a medium weight, athletic appearing, dog. They鈥檙e not Labs.
If you have no problems with her eating, count your blessings. Many folks have the exact opposite problem. Vizsla鈥檚 can be very picky eaters.
Increase her food intake and within reason, disregard those feeds by guidelines on the bag. Mostly though, don鈥檛 stress about it. Let her grow at her pace. She鈥檒l get there.
My boy Finn was the same as her with regard to weight. Now at three years old, he鈥檚 exactly where he should be.

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My pups are 9 months old. At 10 weeks old they were more roly-poly than yours and didn't have ribs showing. I fed mine 4-5 times a day, wet and dry and real food, with fish oil and eggs as well. It's so important to make certain they eat often when they are young. Now they eat twice a day, although I leave their breakfast out and they finish it around 2 pm, eating dinner around 6. They get treats and bully bones as well. Now, their ribs do show a little bit with certain body positions.
I'd be concerned about seeing the hip bones on yours. I think you need to feed more and add some healthy fats.
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