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Car trouble

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Hi all,

Peanut is having trouble in the car in the form of vomiting and weeing. We do not have her in a crate in the car which would help with the weeing I think, but car sickness is the main problem.

We have tried the tablets and they work when we have time to give them and let them work but when we have to take her to day care due to work, she vomits and the journey is only about 1 mile.

Any ideas about how to stop this or is it something that stops with age?

Thanks in advance,

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WE had the same with Haggis, He has all ways been Very Active in the car at the best of times ( he barks at the traffic as it approuchs) we found, again really by accident, that putting a cover/blanket/sheet over the cage, not only stoppeed 90% of the barking, but cured his vomiting as well.
Although if your from hotter climbs then wet and cold Scotland, i fear this, in turn could cause problems with overheating.
Just a thought though.
The Red'uns
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