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Car trouble

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Hi all,

Peanut is having trouble in the car in the form of vomiting and weeing. We do not have her in a crate in the car which would help with the weeing I think, but car sickness is the main problem.

We have tried the tablets and they work when we have time to give them and let them work but when we have to take her to day care due to work, she vomits and the journey is only about 1 mile.

Any ideas about how to stop this or is it something that stops with age?

Thanks in advance,

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Vin had this problem when he was little! he would drool really badly from his mouth and nose and then after about 15 mins would be sick! he would shake and not get in the car!!

i live a 3 minute walk to the common we walk in, but we drive about 5 minutes up the road to the middle of the common so all times in the car end in fun and not ever enough time to actually be sick!! he can now happily go 30mins with no problems!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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