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Car sick/nervousness??

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Does anyone else's vizsla get very car sick? Ritz will vomit as soon as i put her in the car before i even start it up and will drool horribly until we get to wherever we are going and she is fine as soon as we get there. I take her somewhere almost every day to try to shake her from it, but it doesn't seem to let up.

I have purchased a "dog hammock" from petsmart that is waterproof and is keeping my seats cleaner from the drool and have found that as long as the windows are down she is pretty good and she does better with highway/interstate driving than the stop and go around the city.

Is this something from her being a rescue or particular to the breed???
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Our senior rescue had the same problem. We were advised to crate him in the car for his security and because of his arthritis to help keep him safe. He fretted the entire time and would vomit, then often eat the vomit. Yuck. We started taking him on short rides like to the grocery store to help acclimate him and then we got the good idea to start driving to the dog park and our long walk path around the retention pond when before we'd walk to both (for the exercise, duh!). This helped a lot because he started to associate a car ride with favorite places and NOT getting left alone. As did taking him OUT of the crate! He's now doing much better in the back seat covered by a blanket. We first had a problem with him trying to climb into our laps but he's getting better about this. When we started, I rode in the back seat with him and my husband drove and that helped get him accustomed to riding in the back seat. Now humans can be in front and the V stays in the back seat and he's discovered he really likes sticking his head out the window to sniff or between the front seats for a pat. No more vomiting!

I would suggest short rides with a very positive end destination to get over the fear of the car. At least that is what worked for us. Our V did great this summer on a road trip to Tucson and loved the stop at Yosemite National Park! He slept most of the way spread out on his bed. Good luck!
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