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Car sick/nervousness??

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Does anyone else's vizsla get very car sick? Ritz will vomit as soon as i put her in the car before i even start it up and will drool horribly until we get to wherever we are going and she is fine as soon as we get there. I take her somewhere almost every day to try to shake her from it, but it doesn't seem to let up.

I have purchased a "dog hammock" from petsmart that is waterproof and is keeping my seats cleaner from the drool and have found that as long as the windows are down she is pretty good and she does better with highway/interstate driving than the stop and go around the city.

Is this something from her being a rescue or particular to the breed???
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yeah i always put her favorite blanket in the car and she seems to do better. she is getting better now that it is getting warmer too--putting more of her head out the window (in the cold she only puts the tip of her nose out--she's a wuss).

Any chance you think it is the trauma from the car for ours? she was fine on the 7 hour car ride home from Cleveland, so we wonder if she thinks we are taking her back or something. She is always fine on the ride home, but she freaks out on the ride to anywhere. Also--i make sure not to feed her until we get home so she doesn't have a full belly or anything. Maybe its just a breed thing.

I am sure the humane society never put her in a car too often're probably right about starting as a puppy but she is a rescue so we didn't have that luxury..
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