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While I wouldn't say Moose is critically thin, I wouldn't want him to get any thinner! Though, as posters have eluded to above, vizsla puppies are notoriously thin and can be picky eaters. As long as Moose remains very active, his coat remains healthy and his nails grow wildly, I wouldn't fret. I also would't apply correlation of his recent late sleeping to current nutritional concerns. My belief, it's a stage... and is exactly the time Aly did the same!

As for my immediate concern (if Moose was in my care), it would be his apparent lack of fat... whereby he's less able to store fat soluble vitamins (i.e. A, D, E and K). Less able to store these vitamins, he's much more dependent upon immediate ingestion, where ya hope there's adequate vitamins (and the fat, required to put them into solution). Personally, I've little faith in the dog food guarantees of nutritional values.

For baby mammals, I prefer they are a little more on the pudgy side, than too thin. Whereby they have greater capacity for fat soluble vitamin storage within intramuscular fat deposits.

So, how would I remedy Moose's lack of weight? First, I'd bring him to the vet for a stool sample and testing. I'd want to ensure he was clear of digestive system parasites.

I'd also take heed to @texasred's thoughts and advice. Also, @Gabica's suggestions! Aly was an egg freak for a while! LOL

I'd also incorporate fermented cheeses into his diet. They contain fats, proteins and probiotics. Cheeses such as Cottage, Feta, Swiss, Parmesan and Gouda. I want the high fat content. Aly VERY frequently gets a lil "Sprinkle cheese" (parmesan), as a topper with a tablespoon of melted butter.

I also noticed, the only vegetable you mention was carrots. As variety and great nutritional value, Aly gets baked or grilled squashes. Winter squashes are fantastic, mashed up after cooking, with a little butter! She also gets... and perhaps also try some pure pumpkin from a can (not pumpkin pie blend). Aly also LOVES peas! Get the frozen, not canned. Too much sodium in canned vegetables. Ohhh.... Sweet potatoes, too! Broccoli and cauliflower!!

Lastly, as it relates to your lack of trust in raw meats, I'm not a huge supporter of the concept of raw only proteins... especially for under-weight animals. The moderate cooking of proteins begins to break them down into the constituent amino acids. Animals don't ingest proteins and then utilize the complex proteins as a whole. Their digestive system breaks the proteins down, to amino acids... then their metabolic processes build proteins they need, from the amino acids. The moderate application of heat causes more easily and readily available amino acids.

Just my two cents. Wishing you and Moose the best!
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