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Boarding Recommendations in VT

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Hi we are planning a trip overseas this August, we did have someone scheduled to look after our 15-month-old V, but unfortunately they have some health issues and c an no longer help. Does anyone have any recommendations for boarding in the Woodstock VT area? Will obviously travel further afield but starting locally makes sense.

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We're in Southern Vermont, and have used Hedgerow Kennel in Royalston MA once. They are about 2 hours from you. If you are flying out of Boston, they are conceivably on the way. They small, low budget, affordable, and familiar with Vizslas. Bacon Hill Kennel in Gansevoort NY is also about 2 hours from you. We haven't used them for boarding, but we know the owner through NAVHDA training events. They are more of a boarding trainer, and are also very familiar with Vizslas. There are probably closer options, but this might give you a starting point.

Alternatively, if your dog is calm inside, won't kill cats, and you aren't gone for too long, it's also possible we could work something out privately. We have a female 2 year old, and also are about 2 hours from you. If the dogs get along, it probably wouldn't be too hard for us to add one for a couple weeks. It would be unpaid, ideally as part of a future dog care exchange. Message me via my profile if you want to explore this possibility.
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