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We have two V's. A 2-yr old male and a 19-week old female.

Our male V from day one was a finicky eating and we would struggle to have him eat two meals a day. he always looked proportionate and healthy, but we still got frustrated. So we simply started to leave his food out and let him graze. He is a prototypical self-regulator when it comes to eating and we don't get overly nervous about it anymore. The most important thing is he looks healthy and fit as a fiddle.

Fast forward to our new female V, she eats like a So go figure. Again, she is very proportionate and not over weight at all. We feed both of them the same food, so that make life easy as well.

So the morale of the story is, from our experience, as long as they look and feel healthy and they're getting the proper nutrition that is the most important thing. After owning Labs all our lives, we simply had to get used to how V's eat and adjust accordingly. Labs eat on a very fixed schedule and V's tend to eat a tad definitely.

41 - 42 of 42 Posts