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Bark Busters Dog Training

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Hi all

I am seriously thinking about getting some extra help with training floyd. Has anyone ever used 'Bark Busters' or heard anything about them? The website looks great but nothing is better than a recommendation from other dog owners!


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My sister in law works there, its a great company!

My sister had to take her dog in, as her dog was fighting with her boyfriends, and they spent a lot of time with the dog ... and results were definitly seen!
Sorry to sound ignorant but what is a bark buster ????????
I've heard good things about Bark Busters. They were featured on Breakfast Television (in Ontario) about a year ago. A friend of a friend used them and thought they were great. They paid a one time fee (which was high) but then follow up training sessions were free. Something like that anyway.
Hi everyone, thanks for your replies.

We have decided that we are going to wait and try to do some more training ourselves before we make a decision on this one, he is still young and we are still learning so think it will take time for us all.

(Scooby - Bark Busters is a dog training company that works one to one with dogs and their owners)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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