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Babies & Vizslas

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I have two sweet, adorable vizslas. Both have been well socialized and handled around other children of various ages. However, I do not have children of my own and my husband and I are in the next phase of our lives in wanting to start a family. Does anyone have any suggestions on ways I can start working with my vizslas now so when the time does come that I bring baby home the transition might go smoothly? Both dogs are used to getting alot of attention from us since we don't have children to occupy our time. I'm worried with the time that the new baby will need that the dogs might start acting up? I want a safe loving environment for both dogs and baby. We consider our dogs part of the family. Any books or articles you might know of and could recommend would be great!
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I should imagine they're going to have a lot of time, love and affection taken away from them and it's all the baby's fault. There's also a new arrival in the pack who needs to know who's in charge and where in the pecking order the new arrival lies.

Here's a pretty good short article from

A few simple (although practically impossible with a new-born) things to do are:

  • [li]Up the exercise of the dogs and wear them out more.[/li]
    [li]When one parent deals with the baby, the other parent occupies the dogs. Share the attention.[/li]
    [li]Do not allow contact between them for several days, even weeks. Take your time and be gradual.[/li]
    [li]Rather than telling the dogs off for wanting to get close to the baby, reward them for being good near the baby, like sitting for example. Vizslas learn faster from positive training.[/li]

Good luck with the little one when he/she (or both) arrives and don't worry too much. Vizsla's are very quick to learn, very family orientated and are just as likely to be excited by the new arrival as you will be.
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