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I have two sweet, adorable vizslas. Both have been well socialized and handled around other children of various ages. However, I do not have children of my own and my husband and I are in the next phase of our lives in wanting to start a family. Does anyone have any suggestions on ways I can start working with my vizslas now so when the time does come that I bring baby home the transition might go smoothly? Both dogs are used to getting alot of attention from us since we don't have children to occupy our time. I'm worried with the time that the new baby will need that the dogs might start acting up? I want a safe loving environment for both dogs and baby. We consider our dogs part of the family. Any books or articles you might know of and could recommend would be great!
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I think you need to be careful around small children regardless if you had the children before the dog or the other way around. Probably more so if you had the dog first.

Above all it is a dog first not a person. They think like dogs and behave according to the pack mentality (although you may not notice it all the time).

Our 8 month old V recently snapped at my 8 year old son. This was very unusual as they are great mates. The V was sitting on my lap and he came and sat in front of her. I guessed she thought he was interfering with her time with her master as she is more bonded to me than with the rest of the family. This was the first time this has happened and there was no warning. They move like greased lightening. She was straight off to the crate for 5 minutes and was guilty as **** when she was allowed back inside. From now on she sits on the mat when the family is together in the evening and can have lap time when they have gone to bed.

I read somewhere that a happy dog is one that knows its place in the pack. The happiest one is the one at the bottom as he doesn't have to worry about anyone else!
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Further to my earlier post, my 8 year old son has just fessed up that he sat down in front of the dog and blew in her face. So I think it was a case of a bit of jealousy from both of them. In any case I have had no problems since and they they still get on like a house on fire.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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