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Average Cost of a Vizsla puppy

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Hello everyone! I am very new to this forum and I can see that there is a wealth of information.

For some time I have been doing research on the Vizsla breed and very soon I would like to get a puppy. As I am searching for breeder, I have found that there is a big difference between places in the purchase cost for a puppy.

I would like to know what your thoughts are on the average price of a puppy from a good bloodline. I would appreciate any information that you would like to give. I am willing to pay a more premium price for a puppy with a good pedigree, but as of now it is hard to compare prices.
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While I'm not going to condone purchasing a "premium" puppy as a necessity when getting a good dog, I do understand the need to question the varying prices in dogs from reputable breeders.

In my experience the price doesn't necessarily reflect the quality of the dogs as much as it does the quality of the breeder. What I'm really saying is that someone who has been breeding vizslas 15-20 years is more likely to charge more than someone who has been breeding less than 5. Now a days it's hard to find reputable breeders who charge less than $1000-1200. Still that doesn't guarantee anything to you as a buyer.

Going through the vizsla rescue org is a great way to get a great pure bred vizsla and not have to shell out a bunch of cash. While it's almost impossible to adopt/rescue a puppy, it's a great option regardless.
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About US$600 in New Zealand based on today's exchange rate.

If your thinking about getting a dog don't forget to factor in all the other stuff you need to buy if is your first one. Including a fence!
madaboutvizslas said:
If your thinking about getting a dog don't forget to factor in all the other stuff you need to buy if is your first one. Including a fence!
A high fence! :D

Our guy hasn't figured out he can jump it...yet. Our breeder says our pup's mom jumps her 6' high fence like it's a small speed effort whatsoever!
i paid $800 for the two that i have. the lady wanted $500 for each one.she said that when the pups were born that she wanted even more.she said that it was hard to find the right person to take the dogs and that she would give me a deal if i took both of after a little haggeling i am the proud new daddy of duke and riley at three months.
I've seen $1000 - $1400 in the Greater Toronto Area ... I just bought a beautiful male for $1200 (which seems to be the going rate).
Thank you for all of your input.
I am on the East Coast and it seams like the going rate is anywhere north of $1000, closer to $1200-$1500 from a reputable breeder. I was wondering if that was the numbers all over or just in my area.
Thank you for your responses.
~Vizsla owner to be….(eight weeks)
In Australia...
From a reputable breeder that spend alot of time at dog shows with all sorts or Ribbons you would pay $1500

From a good breeder with 10-20 years experience who isnt in it for the $$, I got mine for $1000 with great bloodlines.

From a back yard breeder who is trying to make some $$ and has no idea about you can get them for about $700.

I was happy to pay the extra $300 from a responsible breeder who will guarantee against any genetic problems and will be available for advice inthe future.
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Midwest Prices range from 900-1500 from very reptuable breeders. Backyard varities charge between 300-500.

I paid $1000 for my Vizsla puppy in Western New York
I live in western ny where did you get your dog from.mine came from niagara county
I paid $1400 Canadian plus shipping via air. This was a very reputable breeder in Ontario. Seems to be the going rate - $1200 -1500. I was surprised that 1notenough got two for $8oo. Seems cheap. Also many "reputable" breeders will not sell 2 puppies from the same litter - forget the reason why.
mine did not come from a breeder.a lady in town had was from utah i forget where the other one was from.She said the dame was late in her cycle when she was was the only two she had.sssshe had been looking for the right person to take the pups,was not having any luck.She had told me that she had turned people away and would not sell the pups to them.I did not get them until they were three months old.So the price had droped a little and the husband wanted the two to stay together,he was a real after a little negotiateing and some haggeling what should have cost me 1600 dollars i got for 800 dollars.what i did not get was selective bred pups what i did get are two beautiful dogs with papers and a liniage so I could have pups from a back yard breeder but since this lady is not that and this was the first litter I did alright.She loves the breed and she lost her first dog to a hit and runthen she got two more.Now I have two yea!!! ;D
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Well, you are lucky indeed! Someday I would like to get a buddy for mine. But right now 4 boys is enough. The first 3 being human, 4th being my Vizsla. It is my 2nd Vizsla though. I grew up with one so of course I had to get another. Imagine , my Dad bought my childhood Vizsla - a"started dog", for $400.00 and that was 1969! He came from the Osborne clinic in Minnisota.
my childhood dogs were black and tan coonhound,a couple of beagles and a german shorthair.Maybee this is why I love dogs so much.Dont tell anyone this but there were some pomeranians I used to hang out with too.
Our puppy was $850. She is amazing with a wonderful loving breeder. Our pup was raised up with kids and have to go out to potty, making it so easy at home. They were located in Iowa, we drove there because we are in Minnesota. But they did also ship, if you are interested I can get you their info. I thought they were truly amazing with the dogs, clean and really only raised them because they loved the breed. You will find placed that just pump out the dogs, with no love or compassion.
From my experience some breeders are complete nutters...
Hi there

I'm looking to get a Hungarian Vizsla but can't find where is best to buy them from. I would like a responsible breeder.
Do you know of any that may be having a liter?

Thank you for your help
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