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Are viszlas aggressive

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Hi 1st time posting. I've got a 17week old male viszla , reggie.
He's a very big boy almost 16kg already.
He is showing some signs of aggression with is worrying me as I have 2 children.
He doesn't liked being moved if he is asleep( we don't intentionally go to move him but he takes a lot of space up on the sofa now , so he has to budge up sometime), we get a growl when we ask him to move and he ignors the off command then we have to move him!he is creat trained but loves to be in the same room as us when we are around.
He would bite me if attempted to take food or bones away. He picked a rotten tomato up on a walk yesterday and wouldn't drop it and bit my hand as I removed it!
He growls and barks occasionally when we entre the room.
I growled at a child today on the school run but I definitely think he was just sick of being touched ( I don't blame him for that one.
I'm mainly wanting advice on how to handle viszlas as everything says how sensitive they are and you should be gentle with them ! I would never hurt him but when he growls at my child I really want to smack his bottom( I haven't and wouldnt)
I've had him check at the vets and he's fine and 8 out of 10 times he's fab x
I'm really disheartened as everything we read about viszlas was positive.
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He doesn't repect you or your family as leaders. He's doing what animals naturally do and take charge if they can. The growling and snapping is his primordial method of "training" you. Look for leadership exercises to do. Make him earn everything. Food, toys, doing fun stuff, etc. You own everything and allow him to use it at your whim. I'm not suggesting browbeating or other aggressive actions. Plenty of information on this site and internet on establishing leadership and "make them earn everything" approach to training.

The only other reason for this behavior is a true "aggressive disorder" where the dog has some kind of mental issue causing violent outbursts. This is by far the rarest cause and would require professional help.
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Sorry to hear that , please keep us posted on what the breeder determines.
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