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Are viszlas aggressive

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Hi 1st time posting. I've got a 17week old male viszla , reggie.
He's a very big boy almost 16kg already.
He is showing some signs of aggression with is worrying me as I have 2 children.
He doesn't liked being moved if he is asleep( we don't intentionally go to move him but he takes a lot of space up on the sofa now , so he has to budge up sometime), we get a growl when we ask him to move and he ignors the off command then we have to move him!he is creat trained but loves to be in the same room as us when we are around.
He would bite me if attempted to take food or bones away. He picked a rotten tomato up on a walk yesterday and wouldn't drop it and bit my hand as I removed it!
He growls and barks occasionally when we entre the room.
I growled at a child today on the school run but I definitely think he was just sick of being touched ( I don't blame him for that one.
I'm mainly wanting advice on how to handle viszlas as everything says how sensitive they are and you should be gentle with them ! I would never hurt him but when he growls at my child I really want to smack his bottom( I haven't and wouldnt)
I've had him check at the vets and he's fine and 8 out of 10 times he's fab x
I'm really disheartened as everything we read about viszlas was positive.
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I’m so sorry to hear what you went through. 17 weeks is so young to be this aggressive! My boy has more of an opinion these days but at that age he was soooo pliant and eager to please. Puppies in general are. Not to say he’s aggressive. He’s ridiculously gentle.

I have met an aggressive and reactive Vizsla so it’s possible. I fostered him for a week and walked on eggshells the entire time he was here
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Even though we love them. Sometimes we do what is better suited for the dog. It just comes down to it being the right fit for Reggie. Could I forgive a dog that bit? Yes. Would I trust one with a child, No.
Seconded. I think at this point you’re better off trying with a different dog, or a different Vizsla. There are vizslas who never display such behaviors at all. My V has never resource guarded in his life. Not that that’s normal for dogs, but I’ve literally never seen it. When he was young, we would put our hands in his food to teach him that so normal and ok. In hindsight I don’t know why we bothered because he has never displayed any anger of irritation at such behaviors.

My dog doesn’t resource guard my or my husband’s affection from my toddler or the foster V, for example. But the foster V did. He also resource guarded toys and treats and I was terrified one day he would “claim” one of my toddler’s toys and we’d have a real issue on our hands. He decided my husband was his “person” and took over his lap completely and my V was like “I want to cuddle up to my dad but I’m afraid what the other dog will do.”

from what I understand the other dog does fine in a different environment. But he just couldn’t thrive in our family.
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