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Just adding this post as a way to chat about how Ziva is doing at 10 months and get feedback from others on their issues and/or accomplishments.

Started off early this morning by Ziva and I dropping my husband off at work at Town Hall here on the island, then down to our little business/shopping district to walk her around. Since the island is narrow was able to start at the back bay down past the restaurants and gift shops, through our little Times Square area fronting on the Gulf of Mexico past the folks in the outdoor seating areas of some restaurants, folks having breakfast, delivery people, other folks walking their dogs, morning traffic and those wanting to stop and inquire about my beautiful red dog.
She did very well and has now grown accustomed to me saying the word street which means she must stop and sit before we cross. She did very well with her meet and greets and only tried to jump up on a person once, however they were talking to her in that excited baby talk tone which gets her every time!
Back to the car and head over the bridge toward town to the car wash where she entered the building with me to pay, staying by my side and sitting when asked while we waited in line, outside to sit under a canopy to wait for the car to be done, approached by several adults and one small child. She did not jump, but when the little boy asked to pet her I thought she would explode with excitement and would have loved to have jumped up and hugged him if I would have let down my guard for a second.
Back in the car and stopped at her vet's office just as a social call so she realizes going there isn't a bad thing. 3 small dogs and a Doberman in the waiting room, after being told to LEAVE IT she sat down and then laid down on the floor. I took her back to have her weighed for an update on her chart with her stepping up on the scale and sitting upon request, 47.4 pounds at 10 months.

Back to the car for a final stop at Petco for some Halo Dog Food, where she was greeted by everyone in the store. Again sitting for petting but then once sitting on her haunches and encircling an employees arm with her front legs, an OFF command got her to plant those feet back on the floor.

Paid for our items, she sat for a treat by the cashier. Back to the car to return home. So it was an exceptional outing for her. I have noticed in the last month that she is slowly becoming less excitable when we're out amongst people. She has been highly socialized since we first brought her home at 8 weeks however due to her extremely loving nature it has been somewhat of a chore to get her to understand that not everyone needs nor wants to be bear hugged by a RED DOG! But at last I think she is finally getting the idea if she sits and keeps 4 feet on the ground she actually will get more attention from admirers and less discipline from me.

As I'm sure we have all discovered it's tons of patience and lots of consistency with the need to remember some days are just better than others.


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