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I've been working with Finn the past 6 weeks or so, on raised quail, and he's been doing excellent with them.
I release them in an area that they have the ability to survive in, that allows me to work the same birds for a couple of weeks in a more "natural" manner, until the predators, or another dog gets them. I'll throw three or four birds out a week and keep working them every few days. It's about "as real" as I can make it.
Today though, Finn got on Woodcock!!. Two nice, strong, solid points, and a flush. We had a good storm roll through yesterday, so it must have pushed the woodcock around. A very unexpected bonus training opportunity. He spent some time in that wetlands just hunting them down. He was into it big time!!
He also had a few points on the remaining quail in the area, and found a box turtle. Which was pretty cool also. ;).
I go for knee surgery tomorrow, so I'll probably not be able to work Finn until the end of June.
It was a good day to end this phase of his training on.
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