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A&E and five stitches later!!!!!!!!!

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Purdey loved her first Jog with me the other night so I thought we would do it again - Well my second experience of jogging with Purdey didn't exactly go to plan! Unfortunately I kept her on a shorter lead which was a bad choice as she went in front of me and I kicked her-all In a split second I tried to slow down so I wouldn't kick her a second time and BANG -I hit the deck- my legs had slowed down but my head hadn't resulting in me splitting open my chin......with me on all fours in the road and Purdey looking at me with that "what on earth is mum doing now!" look ....and the only things i could find in my pockets were treats and poo bags ( no tissues for my very bleeding chin by this time) with shock or adrenalin kicking in I couldn't help but laugh ....what a sight I must of been!!!!

Well looking at the positives of that night-
1, Purdey came back to me instantly
2, No one saw me in that very unladylike position
3, fours hours in A&E I realized how lucky I am it could of been alot worse
4, I can still have a laugh at my own expense
5, I saved Purdey from me landing on her or kicking her again

Has anyone got any good tips for running with their vizzies as I am now abit scared of doing it again

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Wishing you a fast recovery!

I routinely run with Bodhi (1 year and 1 month old "V") and our current set up is the ezy dog harness and the Cujo leash.

The harness works great and comes with a seat belt attachment. I also use the harness with a bike leash. The Cujo leash is short, 25", and has 6" of shock absorbing stretch with a great handle for running. I like it because I can control Bodhi with the shorter leash and it has the shock absorbing stretch which buys you a second or two to react to his impulses. This set up is not cheap, but I'm a sucker for good tools that perform well...

Jogging with a "V" is interesting especially when they are ready to go full on. My jog is a fast walk for Bodhi, and when he goes into a trot, he nearly kills me with that pace. He only goes into a trot when his Weimaraner girl friend is around and he needs to "show off". Anyway, I'm definitely the lagger of the two of us. However, on the bike it is a different story.
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