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2,502 Miles Later...

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Yes my husband and I along with Miss Ziva just returned Friday night after
a 2,501 mile round trip to Central Ohio and back to Southwest Florida!
Was worried how Ziva would handle that long of a trip and I have to tell you all the little squirt was good as gold!!! We could not have asked for a better traveling companion. She will be 10 months old on Monday and I don't think you would find an adult dog that would do as well as she did.
We just couldn't be any more proud of her - uhhhh unless she had taken a turn at driving! :D

She behaved herself at my mom's, she had an absolute blast at our friends home who have a German Short Haired Pointer and one night at a hotel on the way up and one night at a hotel on the way back she also behaved to a T!!! She never whined or barked in the Jeep, she pottied when we stopped for gas or at a rest stop and even entertained us while trying out
various relaxation positions in the back seat.

I must say though one of the funniest things that she did while we were gone... uh let me just say that my mother is 84 and in ill health although she still lives alone in her own home... and due to medical issues wears a wig... can you guess where this is going??? ;) Anyway.... I was siting at the dining room table one morning while there and noticed Ziva Zip by
out of the corner of my eye from the hall to the living room so I thought
I should get up and see what she was up to.... Well there she was in the living room with my mom's wig in her mouth trying to find a place to hide it!
I just couldn't help it and had to laugh out loud - thank goodness she hadn't decided to start pulling out mouthfulls of hair before I got to her!
She also decided while we were there that bunny poop was fun to roll in.

Again I'm just as proud as I can be of my little traveling redhead and just as she is here in Florida, everywhere we took her she was the star attraction.
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Very Cool. 8)
Sounds as if everyone had a nice trip.
Glad the trip went well and I believe you had decent weather in the buckeye state!!! We have had rain all weekend so I am glad you missed that!!
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