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10 month old Male, restarted sharkies

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Hi all, i’m looking for some advice. Atlas has been an up and down puppy. He has had his moments and we have struggled at times but we finally though we where getting somewhere recently only for him to restart the sharkies. We have him crate trained and in the house he is now brilliant. Its on walks maybe after 30/40 mins he decides to attack my arms or any clothing. I can put my hand down to his mouth and he knows not to bite it but i think he doesnt realise my skin is under my jumper. He has great obedience with commands but there is nothing that stops him during this. I’ve tried standing in leash but he near enough breaks his neck to get to my arms and munch them. I literally had to wrestle him and pin him today to get him to stop and he started up again within a minute or two. He gets 2 and a half hours of exercise a day and about 80% of the time he is off leash (recall is amazing) this has been going for maybe 3 weeks now and i feel like it is never going to end. Has anyone experienced this at this age or even older? If anyone dan give me some advice that would be appreciated. Apart from this and jumping up on people the rest if his training has worked i just feel like i’ve taken 10 steps back. Thank you in advance
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It sounds like the 'rebellious teenager' stage they go through where they want to test the boundaries anew and try to be more assertive to check where they are on the ladder again. At 10 months of age doing this sounds about right, I have only had the one male intact Vizsla myself and can remember this phase and am sure I have read on the forum about others experiencing it too. Possibly more common with the male dogs due to maturing and testosterone levels. Maybe one of the more experienced owners than me will comment also. They do get over this rebellious stage reasonably quickly from memory, so don't worry too much it is another phase. My Rafa is nearly 5 years old now and after the teenage stage he has been no trouble at all.
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