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  1. General Vizslas
    Hi all, just wondering how big your adults are? I love watching my pup grow, I’ve just weighed him and he’s now 59.5lbs/27kg at 10 months (he’s put on 3kg since the end of January!😱) and has only just started to ‘fill out’ so I’m thinking he’s got at least a few more kilograms to go.. He is...
  2. Puppies
    My new Vizsla puppy Copper is only 5.5 lbs at exactly eight weeks today. That seems very small based on what I’m reading. Do some start out that small, or is this very unusual?
  3. General Vizslas
    Hello, Me and my girlfriend are Vizsla owners as of 2 months ago. We love our lil fur ball of energy, but I have questions about height and weight. my Vizsla is a male named Remi. We got him at about 8weeks where he weighed 9.8 pounds. He was the runt of the lot, and his mom was very small...
  4. Puppies
    We just picked up Ruby and she weighs about 4.5 pounds. She is 9 weeks old. She was definitely neglected because she was placed in a pen with a litter that was 2 weeks older so they took all her food. Any ideas about adult size?
  5. Health Problems
    My just turned 1 year this week V has always had digestive issues, so its been a constant search for a food he will 1)eat, and 2) not crap his brains out on. We are currently on our 2nd large bag of Sojos freeze dried raw, and while he loves it...i cant keep his weight up. I give him 4 cups of...
  6. General Vizslas
    Hi all. We have just weighed our 15 week old male vizsla, and he is only 10kg. Over the past few weeks he's lost his puppy fat and has started to look more on the skinny side, his ribs are visible and we can see his hip bones. When he had his 2nd lot of vaccinations (a few weeks back) the vet...
  7. Puppies
    Just visited vet, vet said he is a bit underweight 12.2lbs at 10 weeks old, Dr. said no need to be worry now cause they are active dog it's normal, but asked me to feed the full amount of the food package directions and add bit more. My husband said I didn't feed the pup enough :/ said he is...
  8. Puppies
    Hello guys, I hope everybody is happy with their V's just like me. I am a lucky owner of a 9 month vizsla. However I've noticed that he has the same weight since 8 months. He has currently 20 kilograms and it seems that he has stopped growing... I wonder if this is normal. I've never owned a...
1-8 of 8 Results