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  1. Health Problems
    My dog Birch is an almost 2 y.o. intact male. We moved recently and went to a new vet today to get established. Nothing remarkable happened, except the vet noted some hair loss around his eyes and asked whether he had allergies. As a pup, he had skin/GI sensitivities (some unidentified...
  2. Diet & Eating
    Hi everyone! I am asking this question out of pure curiosity... Have you had issues with your vet's recommendations for your V? I ask this due to two experiences I've now had with my 10 month old V. One of which was the recommendation of NexGard, the other was the suggestion to switch to...
  3. Health Problems
    Hey everyone, My six month WHV puppy has had horrible ear infections recently & has seen a vet twice so far. In the last few days it has been so bad, and we got him the soonest appointment possible, which unfortunately is late tomorrow night. Until then, I am wondering if anyone has any “home...
1-3 of 3 Results