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  1. Dog won't stop begging!

    Training & Behaviour
    I have a 9 month old vizsla, and we just recently started letting him roam the house. The only problem we've had so far, is that he won't stop begging. I could start eating a small cracker for about 5 minutes, and he would just sit there staring at me for the next hour. Sometimes he starts...
  2. So much..

    So much of everything, is how I describe Chloe. Chloe is 5 months old. Chloe is from what I gather, a typical high needs, high energy Vizsla. Some days I want to scream. Today, I wanted to cry. We have a dog trainer, and Chloe loves to work for us. However, she is bored. She gets 3-4 15 min...
  3. Vizsla training help!

    Other Problems
    I’ve been trying to teach my vizsla new tricks and almost got them perfect however sometimes he doesn’t seem motivated or tries to find a way around doing what I tell him (like pawing my leg instead of doing the trick) he knows how to do these tricks but sometimes it feels like he almost doesn’t...