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  1. Health Problems
    I have (2) 9 month old Vizslas. Last week I rushed one to the ER because he wasn't eating, had slightly smelly breath, and blood tinged drool was coming from his mouth. Imaging was normal, vet couldn't understand. 1 day later, Marley is fine, no more blood in the gums, his back molars were...
  2. Puppies
    Hello! We have a beautiful 5 month old girl, Lenny. She is normally very active - we do a 60 minute trail every morning. Starting last night she’s been acting very strange, she snarled for the first time ever when we tried to touch her snout, then she burrowed her snout into her bed. All day...
  3. General Vizslas
    So we've had our V from 7 weeks old - coming up to 19 weeks now, I would say he settled in to his new surroundings quite quickly. Brief background - settles in his crate through the night no crying, toilet trained, basic training sit, stay etc, love to retrieve a ball, happy to go in car etc...
1-3 of 3 Results