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  1. Puppies
    Our vizsla is now 4 months old and I was just wondering if anyone else has experience shakes and whimpering with their vizsla? I'm not sure if this is normal or if she is just having a bad dream? I would say the shakes happen more often, at least once a day. Anyone else? Any insight? Thx :)
  2. Grooming & Accessories
    Hi All, 1st posted and desperate! Thanks for this forum I am about to start crate training today properly doing 15-30 minutes with her closing the door and waiting for her to calm down before treating and letting out and repeat. At night she is in the living room in a crate and I've made a...
  3. Puppies
    Hi all! I was wondering how much your V's are sleeping through out the day. Our Frida girl is almost 17 weeks old and she sleeps through the night 1. She then is awake for about 2.5 hrs and sleeps 3. She's been doing this for about 2 weeks already and seems to be doing good, I was just wondering...
1-3 of 3 Results