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  1. Health Problems
    My just turned 1 year this week V has always had digestive issues, so its been a constant search for a food he will 1)eat, and 2) not crap his brains out on. We are currently on our 2nd large bag of Sojos freeze dried raw, and while he loves it...i cant keep his weight up. I give him 4 cups of...
  2. General Vizslas
    Hi all. We have just weighed our 15 week old male vizsla, and he is only 10kg. Over the past few weeks he's lost his puppy fat and has started to look more on the skinny side, his ribs are visible and we can see his hip bones. When he had his 2nd lot of vaccinations (a few weeks back) the vet...
  3. Diet & Eating
    Hello! I'd appreciate any advice on this. We have our beautiful, loving little Aisla who we completely adore. My partner and I adopted her at 8 weeks old and she has been a brilliant companion and addition to our family. We have always fed her Mister Mix (premium dog food in Italy) and boiled...
1-3 of 3 Results