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  1. Health Problems
    I have read in the forum that there is good information on a holistic approach to skin issues but I've been unable to access that information. When I click on the link it goes to a page with an error message. Would appreciate it if anyone could guide me to this information. Looking for...
  2. Health Problems
    My dog Birch is an almost 2 y.o. intact male. We moved recently and went to a new vet today to get established. Nothing remarkable happened, except the vet noted some hair loss around his eyes and asked whether he had allergies. As a pup, he had skin/GI sensitivities (some unidentified...
  3. Health Problems
    Hi, We have a 9 week old Vizsla, when we picked her up at 8 weeks she had some dry skin on the bridge of her nose which we was led to believe that it may just be from the puppies chewing and playing with each other. After a few days we noticed the dry skin on the side of her face, top of her...
1-3 of 3 Results