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resource guarding
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  1. Puppies
    Hi, New member here so sorry if this ends up in the wrong location! I have read several threads about resource guarding, but was unable to find anything that was similar to my case. I currently have a healthy 4mo male puppy who I have had for a couple months. He is very affectionate and...
  2. Training & Behaviour
    Hello everyone - long post ahead! I adopted my Vizsla, Lida, from our local dog shelter in March when she was 2-3 months old. She's now roughly one year old and she's been mostly an amazing dog. She learns quickly, follows me around our farm and state parks off leash, comes when I call her, gets...
  3. Puppies
    I generally spend half of my week at my partner's house, and I plan to continue to do so when I get my pup next month. The little guy would come with me, a full welcome puppy set up there as well. Do you think this will be confusing for a puppy? Do you think I should acclimate him to my home...
1-3 of 3 Results