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  1. 3 Month Old Vizsla Aggressiveness

    Training & Behaviour
    My girlfriend and I just recently adopted my current Vizslas brother. They are both 3 months old as of yesterday. His previous owner had small kids and was getting rid of him because he was worried about his aggressiveness and him hurting his kids. The first few days I didn’t notice any...
  2. Total Disaster

    Hello, I need some advice. Me and my partner have a 4 months old male vizsla puppy. We got him a month ago. We took some days off and then the quarantine started. We are dog owners for the first time. Prior to getting the dog we did a lot of search and reading and thought we were ready for...
  3. Best food for puppies

    Hello! I recently got a female V named Josie and love her so much already. What puppy food do you recommend for a puppy V? Do you feed large breed food? Our breeder unfortunately was not a great reference for food.
  4. Sleepless Nights

    Hey! We’ve recently got Rusty, he’s 9 and a half weeks old. We got him at 7 weeks due to the country about to go on lockdown. He’s been great at learning commands; Sit, Wait, Down, Paw and he even rings a bell we’ve put on the door every time he needs to go outside. But when it comes to night...
  5. Wolverine's Hungarian Cousin...

    It's gone 2 am. I'm on duty... our Vizsla pup starts crying on her second night home. She's eleven weeks old. I run into the living room, wearing nothing but my smalls... I'm greeted by Vesper, demented with delight that she's not been abandoned. A flurry of paws and I'm on my knees. She rolls...
  6. 8 week old female peeing

    Training & Behaviour
    Hey gang, Bought an 8 week old female vizsla puppy this weekend. Love the dog so far and have no regrets. That being said she goes potty a lot! 1) how much water should I be giving her? 2) best method for training at this age? Mats, treat bribery, stern scorning (joking), etc 3) what...