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  1. Crate Training Schedule for an 9 week old pup

    Hi yall! I have a couple of questions, I just got a new 9-week old puppy last week and was wondering about a crate training schedule. Right now, I'm trying to put Ellie girl into the crate for a couple of hours at a time while I work in the same room to ensure that 1.) she calms down 2.) she...
  2. Getting my first Vizsla pup in a few months! I'm nervous and looking for a community

    Introductions. Your first post.
    Hi Everyone! My name is Ana. I'm currently a grad student and i'm getting ready to welcome my first Vizsla pup in just a few months! I've been waiting for this moment for just under three years and I couldn't be more excited, although I've never owned a Vizsla and I am starting to get nervous...
  3. Puppy daily schedule

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to check how is/was your daily schedule with a 8-10w puppy? I tried to keep him as busy as possible but don’t want him to be a super energetic dog as well (I know it’s the character at the end of the day but anyway). Would appreciate any comments. Rik comes to the...
  4. How much exercise is too much to give my 5month Vizsla puppy

    Hey there! I am wondering how much exercise is too much for my five month Vizsla puppy, Otis. He is very well behaved when he gets enough, and he has never showed any signs of not wanting to continue on a trail. Lately I have upped our kilometres to 10km. As a hike sometimes with elevation...