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    Hi! This is the first time I write in this group! Hope to get some good advice! We are ready to get a V female puppy in June, when our baby will be 7 month old! Our hobbies are running, hunting (my husband), trips in the woods and at the beach (30’ drive). I’ve read about the difficulties of...
  3. Puppies
    Hello! In NEED FOR ADVICE please!!! My 9 week old vizsla loves her crate and sleeps almost through the night there. I only have to break her once, around 5 am to pee. The crate is in the family room. During the day I have an 8 hours job, from 8 am to 4 pm. I leave her in the laundry room (safer...
  4. Training & Behaviour
    Seb is 6 months old and full of energy and he loves running around the park but when he is distracted HE DOES NOT LISTEN! (even while on a lead) when there is other dogs or people around I am afraid to let him off the lead because I struggle to get his attention and it’s embarrassing chasing...
  5. Puppies
    I have a 9 week old and am trying to determine when it’s best to have him neutered. The breeder says to wait until after his 1st birthday, but recommends 18 months. My vet says 6 months as a standard for all dogs. Thoughts?
  6. Puppies
    Firstly thank you to all of the contributors, this forum is amazing and alleviating many of my concerns! We picked up Åse at 8 weeks and she is now nearly 11 - she is amazing (if not trying at times 😀) - one thing I struggle with is she clearly gets over tired and then her piranha tendencies...
  7. Puppies
    Looking for general puppy advice! Hello! We've been on the waitlist for a Vizsla for a while and we just found out yesterday we made it and will be bringing our puppy home in February!!! We know the breeder personally and are an experienced dog owning family. I have never bought a puppy from a...
  8. General Vizslas
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums but I'd love some advice from those that have two V's! I really want to get my almost 6yo male a sister to keep him company while we aren't home and so he has a regular play mate. He just seems so down when we aren't at the dog park with other puppies and he...