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  1. 9-week vizsla in a big city... can we handle it?

    General Vizslas
    Hey! We recently welcomed an 9-week old vizsla to our family, and live in New York. We did a lot of research prior, and thought about the decision for almost 2 years. Still, in the first week and a half we are realizing how much work it is. We are very active people, take her out many times a...
  2. So much..

    So much of everything, is how I describe Chloe. Chloe is 5 months old. Chloe is from what I gather, a typical high needs, high energy Vizsla. Some days I want to scream. Today, I wanted to cry. We have a dog trainer, and Chloe loves to work for us. However, she is bored. She gets 3-4 15 min...