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  1. Puppies
    Sorry for the title, but i couldnt resist. I was just wondering how often a puppy should actually do a poo. Ours seems to go on average 8-9 a day, which seems a lot. I am used to dogs going 2 or 3, but this seems crazy. They are fully formed and healthy for the most part, and not small. We...
  2. Puppies
    Hi all! Just picked up our 10 week old Vizsla girl, Piper on Sunday. She is settling in with us well but seems to wee and poo a lot. The weeing I am not concerned over but I am for the pooing. Sometimes she will poo and poo again 30-40 minutes later. I would say she goes at the very least 7/8...
1-2 of 2 Results