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  1. General Vizslas
    Hi everyone! About a month ago, my family and I adopted a puppy. Now he’s 3 months and a half and every time we go out, people ask us if he’s a vizsla, but we don’t really know. Also the vet told us he looks like he has a bit of a vizsla… It would help me a lot, since I know these dogs needs a...
  2. Puppies
    So my boyfriend and I got a "pitbull" puppy from the shelter a few months back. Since she's been growing we've noticed she doesn't look like most pit bulls. I put a picture of her through google search engine and vizsla was the first option. Her siblings had white with brown spots so I think she...
  3. General Vizslas
    I adopted my dog, Penny, from a rescue in March of 2019. She was advertised as a dachshund/beagle mix, but I knew right away that there was zero beagle in her and quickly discovered that she is part Vizsla. She absolutely loves to run and play and always has to be cuddling against someone. She...
1-3 of 3 Results