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  1. Puppies
    I have a 9 week old and am trying to determine when it’s best to have him neutered. The breeder says to wait until after his 1st birthday, but recommends 18 months. My vet says 6 months as a standard for all dogs. Thoughts?
  2. Puppies
    Hello guys, I hope everybody is happy with their V's just like me. I am a lucky owner of a 9 month vizsla. However I've noticed that he has the same weight since 8 months. He has currently 20 kilograms and it seems that he has stopped growing... I wonder if this is normal. I've never owned a...
  3. Health Problems
    My vizsla has had a lump appear on the outside of his ear but its not visible on the other side. Not sure what it is but was wondering if anyone could help? Or has had a similar issue... it looks a little like a wart... doesnt bother him though... I dont want to take him to the vets with...