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  1. Training & Behaviour
    My 1 year old V boy got very territorial- he would launch and grawl at anybody who happens to pass by , when we get outside. At times he walks outside ignoring by-passers , but sometimes; (specially evenings) he growls and launch at people. As he is now full grown , I am having troubles holding...
  2. Puppies
    We have a male Vizsla puppy who is 8 and a half weeks old. We’ve only had him 5 days and he’s very nippy and I’m not handling the mouthing very well because we have a toddler at home. My partner is very good at dominating him so he’s in control. I try and follow his lead on the telling off...
  3. Training & Behaviour
    My girlfriend and I just recently adopted my current Vizslas brother. They are both 3 months old as of yesterday. His previous owner had small kids and was getting rid of him because he was worried about his aggressiveness and him hurting his kids. The first few days I didn’t notice any...
1-3 of 3 Results