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  1. Health Problems
    We’ve had Lily for 7 months. We are her “rehome”, and we LOVE this dog! Like most V’s from the get-go she’s needed to run every day- like an Olympic athlete! A couple weeks ago, after a short ball session, SHE quit playing, she went in, and panted much more than normal. It took 1/2 hr for her...
  2. Health Problems
    My just turned 1 year this week V has always had digestive issues, so its been a constant search for a food he will 1)eat, and 2) not crap his brains out on. We are currently on our 2nd large bag of Sojos freeze dried raw, and while he loves it...i cant keep his weight up. I give him 4 cups of...
  3. Diet & Eating
    I am looking to possibly switch up my 6 year old male V's kibble. He is currently on Grain Free Lamb & Pea Canidae PURE so I am looking to find something at that same price point. We mix his kibble with the same type of wet food, which I would LOVE to nix if possible. Just kibble would be...
1-3 of 3 Results