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crate training

  1. Crate training while awake??? I cant leave the house Help me!!

    Hi We are on week 2 of having our now 11 week old Vizsla puppy Murph at home with us...Hes responding amazingly we've been so impressed with him! However I need to start returning to work (luckily I have very flexible hours and am 5 mins from home) He sleeps in his crate at night like a dream...
  2. Crate training advice

    Training & Behaviour
    Hi everyone, just wanted to see if anyone here has any advice on a specific part of crate training...our wee pup Frankie is 12 weeks old today and we have been using a crate since we brought him home at 8 weeks. He is great in the evening and sleeps right through and he is also fine going in for...
  3. Total Disaster

    Hello, I need some advice. Me and my partner have a 4 months old male vizsla puppy. We got him a month ago. We took some days off and then the quarantine started. We are dog owners for the first time. Prior to getting the dog we did a lot of search and reading and thought we were ready for...
  4. Sleepless Nights

    Hey! We’ve recently got Rusty, he’s 9 and a half weeks old. We got him at 7 weeks due to the country about to go on lockdown. He’s been great at learning commands; Sit, Wait, Down, Paw and he even rings a bell we’ve put on the door every time he needs to go outside. But when it comes to night...